Orientation and Coordinate Frame Transformations

dcm2euler_v000.m DCM to Euler Angles
dcm2heading_v000.m computes yaw angle from dcm
dcm2llh_v000.m \(C_e^n\) (Earth to navigation frame DCM) to latitude, longitude, wander angle
dcm2quat_v000.m Direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) to Quaternion
dcm2rot_v000.m DCM to Rotation Vector
dir2euler_v000.m Given a direction vector, computes the orientation (assumes roll=0) (e.g. Given the difference of 2 succesive GPS coordinates, computes the orientation of the vehicle assumung roll=0)
ecef2geo_v000.m Converts ECEF (Earth centered Earth Fixed) position to Llh (Geodetic Position) and vice versa
euler2dcm_v000.m Transforms Euler angles to DCM
llh2dcm_v000.m Given latitude and longtitude and wander angle, computes \(C_n^e\) tranformation matrix (Navigation frame to ECEF DCM)
quat2dcm_v000.m Convert quaternion into DCM
quat2rot_v000.m Quaternion to Rotation Vector
quatmult_v001.m Quaternion multiplication
quatrot_v000.m Vector transformation using quaternions (rotate a vector given a quaternion)
rot2dcm_v000.m Rotation vector to direction cosine matrix
rvec2quat_v000.m Rotation vector to quaternion