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Table of Contents

IMU Calibration
IMU Calibration Routines
Common (Auxilary) functions. Consist of some handy scripts for common tasks.
Coning and Sculling
Coning and Sculling Algorithms
Examples 102
Some miscellaneous navigation examples. For simple introductionary navigation examples look at the forward parts of the smoothers (e.g. smoother_2filt_fwd, bf_fwd etc). The examples in this section contain a little more than what you may require to write a simple INS.
IMU Error Modeling
Stochastic modeling of IMU short term (stability) errors. Contains scripts for both Allan variance and correlation based tools.
INS initialization
Routines for INS Initialization & Self Calibration
INS Implementations
Inertial navigation system implementations with different mechanization frames together with the corresponding system models
Old Versions
Depreciated scripts. They are not used any more. However, existing scripts may still call these functions
Path Generators
Path generators and IMU simulators
PDA Navigation
Basic navigation functions and utilities for smart phones
Smoother and Kalman Filter Implementations
Different smoother implementations. The forward parth of each example implements a different odometer, zupt and loosely coupled GPS aided INS with a Kalman filter. Some of the examples also demonstrates non-singular INS implementations for polar navigation.
Transformation Functions
Transformation functions and operators. These are used to transform a coordinate frame into another.

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