Bryson-Frazier Smoother

Example I:

Basic BF Smoother example which processes simulated data.
smoother_BF_frwd.m Forward filter and INS. Use this forward filter solution as a typical example of a Kalman filter with a PSI-model propagation model implementation.
smoother_BF_bkwd.m Bryson-Frazier smoother : Backward (Smoother part)
sys_path.m Auxilary function to generate simulated data

Example II

Standard BF implementation which processes real Sensor data with GPS, Odometer and ZUPT. Use the forward path as an example for a simple vehicular INS (quaternion based INS mechanized in geodetic frame. The position is defined in lat, lon, and height. The error model is derived based on PHI formulation.)
bf_fwd.m Forward Path (Standard Filtering Solution). Note that although the Strapdown is mechanized with quaternions the system model still uses 3 small angles to represents errors on attitude.
bf_bckwd.m Backward Path (Standard BF Implementation)
klmn_scrpt.m A simple script just to avoid code repetations