Comments on “inertial sensor prices”

“vendor-XYZ” has sent me the following comments regarding to the previous blog post. As his comments contain precious information for any INS designer, I am reposting them here with his permission.

 “The sensor manufacturers keep everything related with their sensors as confidential. They are even unwilling to share the per unit price of their sensors.”

Sadly this is true in most cases, it even makes it difficult to us vendors, who want to openly do a competitive comparison. From a competitive standpoint, no one wants to be the first to change this and be at a competitive disadvantage and expose their own IP.

 “Intersense is a cheap MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer whose product is much lower quality than the other items in the list.”

BTW, I’ve received multiple confirmations from NAVCHIP customers that Intersense will be pulling the NAVCHIP from the market.

 “Systron Donners SDI500 is a 6DOF IMU. The specification in their website is quite promising. However, I find it difficult to believe that that unit will be capable of showing the specified performance in the field.”

I also heard from Systron insiders that the company is going through some financial difficulties and re-orging, but none the less I think they make good products since they’ve been around for decades now.

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