Path Generators

You can use the folloing scripts to simulate IMU outputs on a trajectory. You can then process those simulated sensor outputs with the INS implementations (and examples) included in the toolkit.

AddIMUErr_v002.m Adds the imu errors to the path gen outputs. (AddIMUErr_v001.m is now depreciated.)
AddObsErr_v000.m Add observation errors to the measurements
flickgen_v000.m Flicker noise generator for monte carlo analysis.
PathGen_v002.m Main Path generator program. This script is capable of generating multi-imu/sensor outputs (together with true position/velocity/attitude values) given a motion definition. You can test other functions in the toolkit using the sensor outputs generated with this scripts.
PathGen_v003.m A simplified version of PathGen_v002 for only a single INS (no redundancy, no vibration model etc). This can also simulate bank-to-turns for aircrafts.