Welcome to the open source aided inertial navigation project.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide a complete function toolkit for anybody who is intrested in developing an inertial navigation system. Although the navigation algorithms are quite simple and straightforward, the junior engineers usually find them difficult to learn due to the insufficient (and even sometimes misleading) books and other written materials. Hopefully, the large number of different INS examples included in this toolkit will help those confused engineers to learn the INS as fast as possible and encourage them to develop their own inertial navigation systems.

This project is composed of 2 main parts.

The Toolkit
The toolkit consist of large number of octave/matlab scripts which implements the core navigation functions and algorithms. It also includes working Aided-INS examples which can be used as simple starting point for the real world inertial navigation system designs.
The Bibliography
(This section is still under development.)


  1. How can I submit my own code?
  2. You can submit whatever you want (functions, examples, tutorials etc) to this toolkit as long as it is related with navigation systems. After adding your name to the top of the scripts, you can directly email them to me. I will upload them under a suitable existing category or create a new category under your name.

  3. What is the purpose of _vXXX suffixes in the function names?
  4. These suffixes are there to encourage people to modify existing code however they wish and submit them back to the toolkit. For instance, suppose you think there is a slighlty better way of implementing a platform leveling algorithm (and, indeed there is). Then, you may just modify the corresponding script as you wish, add your name on top, increment the version number and mail them back to me. I will upload your version together with the existing one.

  5. Is there any other way to contribute to the project?
  6. Yes, there is. Unfortunately, the existing codes are lack of sufficient inline comments. I will greatly appreciate if you can add comments to the codes while you study them and mail them back to me.

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